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Centimeters From Success

Joseph Clough

Are You Centimeters Away From Success? 

You might just be centimeters from success and not realize it. 

I know on the surface it might not feel like that. You might be going through one of the biggest challenges in your life, or feeling as if you might just give up on your dream. Even with inspired action, the results might not seem to be coming your way. 

The chances are, despite going through those challenges and struggles, or feeling as if it’s a million miles away, but in reality, you may just be centimeters away from your goal. 

Consider this: if you are playing golf, and you hit the ball just a millimeter off, it might go very far from the target. However, if you find the sweet spot, you are right on target. 

This can also be true in life around our goals, but how can we keep pushing forward and actually succeed? 

Well in today’s video, I explain just that! 

The Wake Up Call

Joseph Clough

Yesterday I was thinking about my journey from being a shy, self conscious and unconfident young man to who I am today. 

Lets be real for a moment.

Let me start by saying this: 

NOTHING changed for me, until I decided to change MY mindset.

I realized that, if I do not invest in me, no-one else will and nothing will ever change. 

Think about it, you may be investing your time watching TV, wasting time on Facebook and more time procrastinating rather than doing something for yourself. 

You may be spending money on going out to eat, buying more materialistic things that you do not need and carrying out instant gratification spending behaviors to change your emotional state and just feel bad. 

Think how much time we can waste not living a life being free of our issues. 

When I considered my priorities of what I was doing back then, to what I really wanted out of life, I was SHOCKED and almost ashamed

But you know what? 

That lightening bolt of clarity did something to me, that created HUGE shift in my life, that I have never regretted since. 

I begin invested in me. In time and in money, whatever it took to get to where I wanted to be. 

Many people will never do that. You see people like us, are will to make things happen no matter what. And the others, they sit, they wait, then remain the same. 

It really is the critical difference between getting what you want out of life and unhappiness. 

It separates us from the "doers" and the "hesitators". 

Invest in yourself and be awesome, this is real talk, because someone has to say it.

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Why Your Problem Won't Go

Joseph Clough

I know that it's happened to me in the past, and it was so frustrating. 

You may have read countless self-help books, audio programs or even worked with therapists or coaches, but still your issue remains. 

If you are tired of your issue and want to know how you can let it go, read on.

I want to let you in on a secret that will make a big shift in getting the emotional freedom you crave. 

I believe there is an intention or reason as to why you are unconsciously holding onto your problem.

It will sound counter-intuitive at first, but it will make total sense in the end. 

Getting to the intention is key, and once you apply the techniques I give you, you will actually get better results in all areas of your life. 

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Achieve Goals Faster Than Ever

Joseph Clough

Everyone who ever achieved anything, great or small, has always had their goal in mind. So many of us have aspirations about our success – in our careers, in our relationships, in our finances, in our health – but it’s so easy to let them get lost. Getting clear on your goals and refining your priorities means you will always know which path to take, over the next week or for the long haul.

I’ve seen the importance of achieving clarity on your goals in my own life. I was once shy, self-conscious and believed I was “not good enough”. I was overweight and in debt. But I developed a strong vision of what I wanted to do, and now all that I wanted to succeed has entered my life


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The Wake Up Call

Joseph Clough

I'm live: The Wake Up (maybe last live video) + Q&A

Posted by Joseph Clough on Monday, 16 November 2015